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In 1981 we set out to design a correspondence course that would teach any literate person how to be a successful writer for children. We enlisted the help of leading educationalists and writers to create a comprehensive package that would take the novice writer step by step towards publication. The ‘Writing for Children’ course that resulted was an instant success.

Over the past years it has been much refined and adapted and was completely revised last year to meet the needs of the modern writer. A comprehensive, attractive package containing all
tesching writing for children

you need to know to become a published children’s writer with the Childrens Writing Academy.


We believe that you cannot do justice to such a specialist area in a general writing course. This is why we specialise in teaching the skills of writing for children. We are the only writing school in the U.K with a proven and successful history in dealing specifically with writing for children.

When you enrol with the Childrens Writing Academy you will become part of a small and caring writing school that prides itself on providing a personal service to students. To us you will not merely be a number on a computer but someone who seriously and genuinely wants to learn the techniques of writing for children. We fully appreciate that every writer is an individual, with his or her own interests, ideas and idiosyncrasies.

Our small team of tutors are most carefully selected not only for their high calibre tutorial skills but also for their sympathetic and ‘human’ qualities. Indeed, most of them were once in the position you are in now so they are well equipped to empathise with the novice writer. They appreciate only too well the problems that face someone setting out to learn how to be a children’s writer.


When you enrol on the course we will ask you to tell us a little about yourself and on the basis of what you tell us we will allocate to you a personal tutor. This tutor will be most carefully selected in order to fit in with your needs and ambitions as a writer and will be your personal guide and mentor through the course. We spend a long time in matching students to tutors since we believe that this relationship is crucial to your eventual writing success.

I am often asked if background is of any importance in becoming a successful childrens writers. The answer is most emphatically ‘no’ – we have students from all walks of life, educational backgrounds and ages. Our youngest student is in her early teens and our oldest well into his eighties.

Almost all our students aim to be published writers, but for a variety of reasons. For many the rewards are financial and these can be quite considerable. One of our recent students had her children’s novel published while she was in the early stages of the course and received an advance of £1,000 against royalties. Many others have sold their material before reaching the halfway point of the course.

In fact, so certain are we that our completely revised course will help you become a successful children’s writer that we are able to offer you our unique guarantee. If you have not earned at least the equivalent of your course fees from your writing by the time you successfully complete the course then we will refund your course fee without question.. This is an indication of the faith we have in our teaching material and our tutorial system. You may take as long as you like over the course. To get the greatest benefit from the tutorials and our guarantee we expect you to complete the course in two years. However, there is no pressure to do this and you may take longer than two years to complete the course if you wish.

For many the financial side is of secondary importance. For them the ‘success’ comes from the knowledge that their stories are being read and enjoyed by many thousands of children all over the world. Imagine the pleasure of knowing that children are snuggling down to sleep with your words in their minds and your creation to comfort or inspire them.

I do hope that you will take the time to read the pages on our site and that you will find it interesting. We have tried to give a comprehensive picture of what the course is all about but there may be some particular aspect we have missed. If you do have any queries then do not hesitate to contact us.

Remember, when you enrol you do so with absolutely no risk. As I have explained, you are protected financially. You are also free to examine the course material in the comfort of your own home for a period of 14 days. If you decide it is unsuitable for any reason then simply return it for a full refund – you risk absolutely nothing.


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